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Starting a Blog

Start a Blog and make Money Blogging Blogging means different things to different people! To me, it’s a way of expressing my self,  sharing my experiences with the world, promoting my businesses and making money in the process. My journey as a blogger began a year ago. I actually knew little or nothing on how… Read More »

Highly Recommended WordPress settings

WordPress settings which are recommended and Essential If you are a WordPress beginner and yet to start a blog,  you can start by reading our previous article on how to start a blog before you read this article on recommended WordPress settings. Click on the link above to read on how to start a blog. If… Read More »

10 WordPress Plugins to Enhance Your Blog

WordPress Plugins Dear Readers, This is the third post from our blogging basics series and we will be talking about 10 wordpress plugins we use on this blog as well on our other websites. We started this blogging basic series with, “How to Start”, we recommend for starters to read it before coming to wordpress… Read More »